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Spreading Joy and Love, one Bucket at a time



My story is simple. My family comes from a long lineage of nursery business owners. My Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Uncle and my Father all owned and managed a nursery. You could say plants and flowers have been our lifeline, it's in our blood. 


When I was a little girl, I used to ride my banana seat bike down the rows of paved cement through the nursery when my dad was working. Fast forward 40 years and I'm drawn toward flowers in everything; flower print shirts, even bathing suits, floral design in EVERYTHING! 


After my dad passed away in May 2020, I've been on a journey of exploring this flower thing. I'm listening and letting him lead me into the wonderful life of flowers. It has been an honor to follow in his footsteps...


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for spreading joy and love, one bucket at a time.

Lori Wreden, owner & designer of Fresh Flower Bucket Bouquets

It all began with

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Well, it really started with this special antique bucket. My friends received this bucket with flowers for their birthday with the caveat that my most treasured bucket needed to be returned.

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